Transporting dogs on a stopover

Question: How much time does it take to hand over a dog at a stopover if we are trying to make a connecting flight


Answer: To hand the dog(s) off, the passenger needs to claim their baggage, go through secondary customs, exit, hand the dog off, then go to departures and go through security again.


The puppy is with the courier in cabin as the carry on.  They collect the dog in the kennel where the baggage comes out.  The dog comes out well before the baggage.

Couriers take around 30-45 and at most, 60 minutes to gather luggage and dogs, clear primary and secondary customs, exit and hand off the dogs.


The person doing the pick up would be right at the exit to take the dog and courier can then head straight back to departures to go through security.

They should have 30+ minutes to get the connecting flight.

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