Dog Show opening speach by Sir James Carlisle

March 23, 2017



Remarks, At The Opening of the 8th Annual Antigua Dog Show & Community Fair---19th March, 2017, from Sir James Carlisle


A very dear friend of mine drew my attention to the fact that when you spell dog backwards you get the name of God. I had to confess that I had not thought of that before.Those who profess to be Atheists might be tempted to sneer at my friend’s simple but profound observation. I would like to suggest, however, that many of the characteristics we attribute to God can also be seen in our canine friend. For instance, the Bible tells us that:
God is loving, God is faithful, God is forgiving, God is patient and God is kind. These qualities are never consistently found in any human being but they are consistently found in a dog.
No wonder the dog is often described as man’s best friend. All dog lovers present here today will hasten to echo that sentiment.

I believe that this Annual Dog Show has been organized to show our appreciation for one of God’s greatest creatures. The owner of the “Best in Show” will be as proud as the winner of the “Best in Show” in the famous Crufts Dog Show in Britain. Perhaps one of our local entrants may join the illustrious band of canines at Crufts in the future.

While winning is important, I believe that the aim of most participants today is to show- case the dogs in Antigua and Barbuda. This event is needed so that members of the general public will be encouraged to take better care of these lovely animals.

I have recently been told that the cruel sport of dog fighting is prevalent in our country. It was a surprise for me to learn about this because I know that it is illegal in our country. I would like to appeal to the Authorities to take the necessary measures to stamp out this barbaric practice.
The invitation to open the Dog show today was sent to Their Excellencies, Sir Rodney , and Lady Williams. The Governor General has very kindly invited me to deputize for him in his absence. This is why Lady Carlisle and I are here today.

Since our time is limited I will hasten to declare the 8th Annual Dog Show and Community Fair Open.

Sir James Carlisle

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