Steps to Take if Your Dog is Poisoned

What steps to take if your dog is poisoned

  • Get the dog to the vet immediately. Take any poisoned food or bags with you.
  • Induce vomiting( with salt water), only if the dog is conscious, able to protect its airways, and you know what it has ingested. Do not induce vomiting if it is having seizures
  • Once your pet is being treated, go back to the place where the poison was most likely ingested, and take photos of the area, including any remaining poison or food.
  • Call the police. They can prosecute under the Protection of Animals Act. If they come, take notes of their names and numbers. Do not hand over any evidence to them without a receipt.
  • If the animal unfortunately passes away, ask the vet to send the stomach contents to the lab for analysis, and to carry out a post-mortem to confirm that poisoning was the cause of death. The vet should make a note of the time and be prepared to write and sign a statement about this.
  • Ensure that all these samples are kept bagged, labelled, and refrigerated at the vet’s premises.
  • Ask neighbours if they have seen anyone behaving suspiciously. If they are happy to give an account, this will be taken by the police or lawyer. But in the meantime, get them to write notes and times before they forget.
  • Inspect any CCTV installed. Ensure that the original CCTV footage, and any photos that you have, are retained in a safe place; be sure to keep copies.
  • Make notes on previous issues of harassment or disagreement with the alleged poisoner.
  • If the police refuse to take the case, talk to a lawyer about a civil prosecution.
  • Please post details on Dogs and Cats of Antigua on Facebook. We are collating a record of incidents.
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