Your donation to Dogs and Cats of Antigua contributes directly to the health and welfare of the animals we help. We are a community driven organization; we are pooling our resources, energy and talent to help and protect our animals. Your donations are vital and assist us with the following:

  • Continuing to lobby for greater enforcement of the laws that protect our animals.
  • Using all media platforms to try and influence a cultural mindset that sees these animals as objects not as sentient beings with a heart, mind and soul.  
  • Speaking out in schools and churches on behalf of animals.  
  • Creating a network of fosters to care for animals on a temporary basis until permanent homes can be found. 
  • Working with overseas alliances that foster our dogs and rehome them permanently
  • Feeding programs to provide for hungry animals on the island
  • Providing tick and flea protection to our community dogs to protect them from canine diseases like mange. 
  • Take a look at our Current Projects to see where we are spending your valuable donations​.

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Your donation can help save the life of countless dogs and cats on our beautiful island. Ever dollar we receive goes to our continued endeavors on the island.


So many of us have lost a special friend and we thought of a rather special way to say good-bye, or offer condolences to a friend or family member whose pet has passed away. Dogs and Cats of Antigua will post a memorial for your loved one on Instagram or Facebook. Send us a photo along with a few words about how much your pet meant to you and make a donation of $20 U.S. in their memory.

Your donation will help pave the way for another pet to eat, receive veterinary care and be rehomed.  Pay it forward, pass on the love all in memory of your pet.

Donate Items

Our organization can always find a use for dog and cat food, treats, crates, leashes, collars, pet shampoo and anything else you can spare. Contact us today to find out how your extra pet supplies can help tremendously to some animals in need.

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Our wishlist includes items we need to care for, feed, and transport dogs and puppies. These items are automatically forwarded to our Sanctuary in Antigua.

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