Steps to Take if Your Dog is Poisoned

What steps to take if your dog is poisoned Get the dog to the vet immediately. Take any poisoned food or bags with you. Induce vomiting( with salt water), only if the dog is conscious, able to protect its airways, and you know what it has ingested. Do not induce vomiting if it is having …
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Antigua Dog Buddy Testimonial

Christine delivered one of our dogs to Canada on November 14, 2016 and wrote back to let us know what her experience was like. If you would like to help us get dogs rehomed abroad, read Christine’s account. Thank you for sharing Christine! My Experience I was visiting family and friends in Antigua and there, …
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Looking After Island Dogs in Antigua

Here is a little tip for helping our beloved four legged friends. One of my 6 rescue dogs have the very common here in Antigua “demodex mange” (Demodectic Mange) the one that makes the dog smell It is contracted from the mother and stays in the animal blood for all their lives and gets passed …
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What To Do When You Find a Stray Kitten

Here’s some advice from our wonderful cat lady on what to do if you find a baby kitten. Keep the kitten warm…preferably with a hot water bottle. The most important is to re-hydrate the kitten with Glucose powder… Formula: 1 cup Carnation Can milk 2 Egg yolks 1 tablespoon of Corn syrup. There is no …
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