From building a brand new facility near St. John’s to influencing legislation, our team is always out there advocating on behalf of the dogs and cats out there that need our help.

Dogs and Cats of Antigua Rescue and Wellness Sanctuary

We are currently building a brand new facility in the heart of Antigua. With the help of donations and hours of volunteer efforts, we hope to soon house dozens of dogs and cats, provide medical assistance, offer community outreach programs and provide a better life for four legged friends on the island. The Sanctuary is being built on nine acres of Crown Land in East Lightfoot/Sea View Farm. It is a holding facility to house dogs while transitioning them for rehoming overseas.

Phase 1

The Clinic

The clinic will be built to accommodate the veterinary care of the dogs living at the Sanctuary (About 4 mamas with pups, 20 dogs) and will have an on- staff Veterinarian. It will have 3 surgical tables and 2 grooming tables. It will hold weekly spay and neuter clinics and accommodate visiting vets conducting spay and neuter programs. It will also have pens to accomodate recovering dogs but mainly it will be home to several mamas and their pups. The clinic has a wrap around gallery and also a large bathroom area which will serve as a grooming parlour for pups and an outside shower to bathe the adult dogs.

The Catteries

Adjacent to the Clinic will be the main cattery. It is quite large (about 17″ x 24″) and will be made to look natural and rustic, can accommodate up to 30 cats, 2 separate entrances, one from the clinic and the other entryway from the paddocked area of the Clinic. Cats will be brought in for spay and neuter and will be kept in the catterie before returning them to their homes. The Catterie will have galvanized roofing, it will also be covered with a Rangoon Creeper vine on all sides to provide maximum shade. A small fenced garden bordered by quarry stones around the area will also prevent dogs and pups coming too close.

Puppy Park

Adjacent to the Catterie is the Puppy Park that can accommodate up to 30 pups. This is an open paddock area for pups to play in. At either end will be isolation units for pups when they are first picked up. We hope to fill the area with playthings for the pups, wading pond, sand pit, obstacle course and plenty of puppy pens.

Phase 2


Isolation Unit

The second phase will be the installation of the isolation unit which will accommodate up to 64 adult dogs. Dogs that are first picked up will be placed in here. It is a long stretch of 32 large concrete pens, 16 on either side with open fenced paddocked areas for dogs to run and play in after isolation. It will have galvanized roofing and the front of the building will have a stable like appearance. At the side of the pens of the isolation area will be the shelter manager’s office and storage areas for food and crates, toys leashes, beds etc. One side will also be a sponsor’s wall to honor our valued sponsors. In between the Isolation Unit and the DACOA building is an open wooded area

Phase 3

The Office

There will be an open wooded area between the Isolation Unit and the 2 story office building to e completed in Phase 3. Downstairs is a place for meetings, an open kitchen and living area, and a retail area where DACOA merchandise can be sold. Upstairs is a living/sleeping area to accomodate our visitors along with 2 bathrooms.
Attached to the DACOA office building is a second catterie for boarding cats and a small area for boarding dogs. The primary designation of this area will be for boarding dogs to feel at home integrating with staff and guests.
Around the entire area is a hiking trail so visitors to the Sanctuary will be able to walk the dogs.
At the entryway to the Sanctuary is a car park, drive in with uturn edged by a small open garden with lilly pond a bank of cluster palms, swamp lillies and bromeliads. The Sanctuary is designed to be a destination spot for tourists as well as a shelter facility for animals.

Phase 4

Horse Paddock

At the backside of the Sanctuary, we plan to eventually have an open paddock area and stable so we are able to pick up sick horses as well as farming areas and an orchard.

Spay & Neuter Initiatives

One of the only ways to curtail the rampant stray dog and cat population is through spay and neuter initiatives. We are doing all we can to influence the government into passing legislation that allow our group and others to help by fixing stray dogs and cats across the island before releasing them back into the population. Follow us through our social media platforms or on our blog.

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