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Your donation to Dogs and Cats of Antigua contributes directly to the health and welfare of the animals we help. 


We are a community driven organization;  we are pooling our resources, energy and talent to help and protect our animals. 


We have lobbied for greater enforcement of the laws that protect our animals.  We are using all media platforms to try and influence a cultural mindset that sees these animals as objects not as sentient beings with a heart mind and soul.  


We are speaking out in schools and churches on behalf of animals.  


We are creating a network of fosters to care for animals on a temporary basis until permanent homes can be found. 


We have created overseas alliances that will foster our dogs and rehome them permanently


We have set up feeding programs to provide for hungry animals and through our overseas partners we will be providing  tick and flea protection to our community dogs to protect them from canine diseases like mange. 

We are hoping to create an Antigua where starving diseased stray dogs and cats are no longer the norm. We are hoping to create communities with healthy animals that are loved and wanted and their population growth controlled. An island that is truly a paradise for all Gods creatures.  A place where we are not embarrassed to be judged on the way we treat the smallest and most vulnerable beings among us.  We are doing this one dog and one cat at a time, and for however long it takes. 


Please help us.

Please contact Joy Farrell at

1 268 723 3612

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Without your support we couldn't operate. Thank you! 

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